The Prison Industrial Complex perpetuates a racial caste system in this country. As a state in the south and in an area that has already faced the brutal slaying of a member of our community, we have a duty to stand up and band together with the people of Middle Tennessee. Obama-era policies sought to further militarize the police, providing even more excessive weaponry and technology to organizations whose main goal is the enforcement of unjust laws and protection of private property. Further, Middle Tennessee is home to one of the biggest for-profit prison titans, CoreCivic, an organization that profits off of the immiseration and death of the working class, and of communities of color in particular.

One third of Nashville residents no longer trust the police, and the incarceration rate of north Nashville is the highest in the country (14%). As socialists we seek to eliminate and dismantle these unjust institutions.

We must face the truth that coupled with the housing crisis occurring in Nashville, we careen towards pushing out every working class person of color. We must stand against this.

The social control of immigrant communities is a core mission of the carceral state. A full accounting of these dynamics demands a socialist response to this threat that connects the struggles of people across divisions sowed by the capitalist class, breaking down barriers and building bonds of solidarity. Middle Tennessee in particular has highly segmented working class communities that suffer from variable but connected law enforcement oppression, and a strategic and principled socialist approach to this issue will assist with organizing in all directly affected spaces. While any segment of the working class is chained down by the state servants of capital, none can be free.

Middle Tennessee DSA resolves to fight back against the fascism that calls this state home.