Sign our Petition!

This document serves as a petition of demands set forth by the residents of Davidson County as represented by the Red Door Collective (RDC), a new organization of tenants and residents. These demands are created in advisement of the Tennessee Supreme Court’s April 24 COVID-19 Pandemic Order, which stated that:

“Given the increasing economic issues caused by this pandemic, no judge, clerk, or other court official shall take any action to effectuate an eviction, ejectment, or other displacement from a residence.”

Because the people of Davidson County will be significantly, financially hurt by the pandemic and its lingering effects on the economy, we believe it necessary to anchor the already existing moratorium on evictions and utilities shut-offs to a tangible economic measure such as unemployment rates. This would allow people the time to find employment and financial stability as the economy reopens when, and only when, it becomes safe to do so from a public health perspective.

Therefore the Red Door Collective calls upon: Judge Lynda Jones, Sheriff Daron Hall, Metro Water Services, Nashville Electric Service, and Piedmont Natural Gas to hear our requests.

We demand that:

  1. Evictions are suspended until Davidson County’s unemployment rate returns to the pre-pandemic rate of 2.8% as recorded in March 2020.

  2. No utilities are shut off due to late payment until the unemployment rate returns to the pre-pandemic rate of 2.8% as recorded in March 2020.

  3. There are no retroactive evictions, late fees, nor penalties of any kind imposed on the residents of Davidson County for any late or unpaid rent or utility bills occurring while the unemployment rate is above the pre-pandemic rate of 2.8% as recorded in March 2020.

Additionally we demand of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville-Davidson County that:

  1. All empty hotel units in Nashville are converted to housing for those who have been evicted or who are otherwise experiencing homelessness until the unemployment rate is restored to the earliest recorded rate of 2.8% as of March 2020.

  2. A significant portion of Federal CARES Act funding will be used to directly support tenants and homeowners so they can stay in their homes.

We applaud the Tennessee Supreme Court for their insight and we ask that the officials and companies called upon have the courage to use this same insight to keep Davidson County residents safe and housed through this pandemic and the corresponding economic impact.