Everyone should be able to live a full & dignified life; yet wealth, the means to do so, cannot be justly gained from another’s suffering.

Every bit of wealth that the ruling class has obtained is extracted from the people of the world.

Modern capitalism is a holistic system which inherently creates inequalities, dismantles & destroys communities, isolates individuals & precludes the fulfillment of dreams for millions.

Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for the few. We are a political and activist organization, not a party; through campus and community-based chapters, DSA members use a variety of tactics, from legislative to direct action, to fight for reforms that empower working people.

As seen by the success of the Bernie Sanders campaign in the local Democratic Caucuses, Tennesseans are open to socialist ideas. Our organization aims to build on Sanders’ political efforts and maintain its momentum into the 2018 midterm elections and beyond. Our state and country are in need of urgent action; the most vulnerable among us face considerable threats and liberal politicians continue to fail to stop right-wing efforts.

The people of the world must make a decision: socialism or annihilation. Join us if you can no longer suffer in silence as capital, the true owners of power, rend the people and the world.

We are committed to organizing by whatever means necessary. We believe that we must serve the people. The working people of the world have been discarded and trampled by those in control. We cannot live peacefully alongside those who oppress us anymore. We canvass, we march, we protest, and most important:
we fight.

Below are organizations that the Middle Tennessee DSA Chapter have endorsed.

  • People’s Alliance for Transit Housing and Employment (PATHE)